Monday, 1 December 2008

Change of Direction

it's funny how things pan out. A mere 7 months ago I quit a job I hated and left a city I loved, all because I wanted to put myself in a better position. At first I thought, what AM i doing, moving back with the family for a start! I'm 23, I need my own space.

Little under a month of being back I began work on a feature film, ok it was unpaid but it was this that kicked it all off. I then went back to London to work on a website and promotional material for a company (ok, it's a different industry to the film work, but it all counts), this lead to some freelance work that followed, which then lead to me getting some funding to make my own documentary and editing two more short films, *breath* to landing a design job.

All this has happened in the space of a few months.

the lesson learnt here is, quit something you hate, why work for the man? buy a new Apple Mac on finance....and hope for the best.

It happens.

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