Friday, 28 November 2008


With this being my first blog post, of many, I was unsure of what to write within here.
I have decided to talk about the efforts I am making in order to secure a job within an industry I hold a strong passion for, and one I believe I can do well in. Design.

It's a tough circle, currently I have 2 videos to edit for Charge TV, a Website to design and upload, tweaks to another website that is currently live, all within a week. Possible? I think so.
Over the passed few months I have made decisions that have made me able to work on such projects - even though I am currently skint and off on holiday in 12 days to Milan.

I am also going through the procedure of compiling my Top 10 Albums of 2008, which I will write about towards the end of the year (it's not even December yet)

As for now, I am going to search for more video tutorials on dobe after effects, then probably stick on some episodes of The Big Bang Theory before bed.

until next time,